woensdag 22 december 2010


We expect a lot of guests for our christmas dinner, here at the office.
Luckily the house is in better shape than last week. The worst creaks and leaks have been fixed, so at least the winterwind won't blow your toupee off.
Still there is some work to be done, like decorations, stuffing up the turkey, and preparing the salmon mousse.
you already started?
The reindeer head in the hall?
Oh yes, I see, how wonderful!
You have really mastered the fine arts of decoration.

Now show me the guest list, ah I see niece Lucy is attending.
That will brighten up the occasion. But maybe we should order some more sweetcakes, she's very fond of them no?

Now, something else, those sounds from the loft, have you found out who or what makes them?
Hmm, oke, well if they want to join our dinner they are welcome of course.

dinsdag 14 december 2010


The floor creaks and the walls are bend, but it will do just fine.
Yes I know the roof leaks. Details, stop bothering me with that.
It won't get any better whining about it, so why don't you get out to the town and see if you can find somekind of repairman?
And while you're at it, ask the neighbours around for a cup of tea.
What do you mean "we have no neighbours", what about that nice old man we just saw outside?
No ofcourse you haven't seen him, you should stop staring at your feet while we're walking!
Here, have this portrait I just made and see if you can find him.
'nice old man'

Aah, now that that halfwit is off, let's make ourselves at home.
This place will make a perfect post office. But first, tea..
Lets put the kettle on.